How to Apply for a Job Online - Pass the ATS & send THIS email!

Published on 09/12/22 / In People & Blogs

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How to Apply for a Job Online - Pass the ATS & send THIS email! // In this video you'll learn about applying online to get your application to pass the applicant tracking system and then also be seen by the hiring manager to get a job interview! You can do this without connections, and without networking! Answering the question that haunts many of us: How do I get a job at a company where I don't know anyone?

You’re probably sick of hearing by now that the best way to get an interview is through networking and people you already know. You’re shouting “But I don’t know anyone at the companies I want to work for! How will I make my application rise to the top?” Well I am going to tell you 2 steps to get on a hiring manager’s radar at a company where you don’t know anyone. Few people do these things, so when they are done right, they greatly increase your chances at an interview.

We will talk about how to fine tune your resume and cover letter, as well as how to make sure they are seen after you send in an online application. Applying online to jobs is a mysterious and torturous process, and in this video we discuss how to get your resume to quickly rise to the top.

Be seen. Get the job interview. Get the job!

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