It Might Happen For the First Time in 90 000 000 Years. Scientists Worry!

Published on 26/11/22 / In Film & Animation

It Might Happen For the First Time in 100 000 000 Years. Scientists Panic!
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Huge tsunamis tear down coastal cities and flood entire countries. Millions of refugees rush to the land that remains untouched. There’s not enough food and fresh water for everyone. Mass starvation and wars begin.

Some scientists say this is what will happen to our planet in the near future. But what will be the cause? A huge asteroid impact? A supervolcano eruption?

No… just this microscopic green plant, snow algae. Scientists have created the first large-scale map of their distribution across Antarctica. Researchers found that from 2009 to 2019, vegetation cover in Antarctica increased more than in the last 50 years altogether. Soon the white continent will turn green and then disaster will break out around the world.

Although... Antarctica has already been covered in dense forests at least twice in Earth's history. What was happening on the planet back then? Why do scientists think that ancient Antarctica was covered with trees? And why would the transformation of an icy continent mean the total collapse of our world?

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