Scientists Find a Way to Travel Through Time

Published on 06/11/22 / In Film & Animation

Scientists Find a Way to Travel Through Time
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The ability to travel through time has long been a subject embraced by science fiction, and of course, has been debated by physicists for decades. While the argument continues over whether traveling back in time is possible, researchers have determined that traveling to the future is definitely possible, and you don’t need a 1.21 gigawatt flux capacitor powered DeLorean for the journey.

Real-life time travel occurs through something called time dilation, which is a property of Albert Einstein’s special relativity; an explanation of how speed affects mass, time and space. It was Einstein who was first to realize that time is not constant, but instead slows down as you move faster through space. Basically, what that suggests is that time is an illusion that shifts relative to the observer. If you were able to travel the speed of light, you would experience time much more slowly than a stationary observer. Even astronauts in space age slower than we do here on Earth.

And now we will tell you about these things and how time travel is actually possible!

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